EveryBODY Get Healthy (EGH)


EveryBODY Get Healthy is a commercial wellness program designed to engage employees in their health. It can be used as a stand-alone wellness solution or as an add-on to an existing wellness program. EveryBODY Get Healthy includes full employee engagement, EveryBODY wellness challenges and apps, and a customizable catalog of healthy items. EveryBODY Get Healthy has a proven ROI and is simple to implement and administer. Click here to learn more.

Medicaid Healthy Rewards


Medicaid Healthy Rewards is an integrated population health management solution. It includes member, provider, and health plan administrator web portals that feature healthy activities, population health management tools, and the most comprehensive rewards platform in the industry. The solution includes multimedia member engagement and full reporting at the health plan and state levels.

Finity Health Intelligence Platform (HIP)


Finity HIP is one of the most innovative health intelligence platforms in the industry. The platform uses smart codes to log member health plan communications and outreach and link them to claims data. The data pushes personalized condition management programs, alerts, rewards and compliance measures. Finity HIP has some of the highest compliance measure improvement results and ROI in the industry.

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